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Growing Role of Premium Economy.

Cheap fuel, fuel-efficient aircraft and more available routes have pushed economy fares down — often to record-low levels. However, even as economy fares become more passenger-friendly, economy seats have become decidedly unfriendly and we’re seeing even the world’s top-rated airlines squeeze more seats into long-haul aircraft in a bid to wring out more money.

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Shaping the Future of Travel.

The most important trend in the next decade is the further expansion of Low Cost Carriers (LLCs) market share. The more successful LCCs become, the more likely they are to outgrow their original business model and be forced to adapt.


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Technology Taking Over the Business Model.

Two themes encapsulate the forces shaping the future of travel: A growing expectation that the industry will align its technologies and services to deliver a seamless travel experience and the potential of data analytics and tech companies to create more personalized travel experiences.


However, the ecosystem is not likely to evolve on a straight course. Obstacles lie in the way of data sharing and collaboration, from the misgivings of competitors to the security and data privacy concerns of governments and regulators.

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4 Tips and Tricks to Save on Small Business Travel.

Business travel costs can add up and catch the traveler unawares. It is important for any traveler to cut down on costs while still enjoying their trip. Here are some tips you can use to cut down your travel costs:


Look for complimentary perks
Track prices after you book
Consider opportunity cost
Take advantage of loyalty rewards programs
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10 Travel Apps to Smooth Your Next Business Trip.

Sometimes frequent business travel can become increasingly frustrating with: cancelled flights, long security lines, or simply failing to puzzle your way through the large airport terminals.


To help, certain applications are obvious to have on your smartphone such as Google Maps, however, we would like to introduce you to 10 mobile applications that will allow you to reduce business travel stress – from the airport upon arrival to the hotel you are staying in, and as you head to your work related event.

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Why responsible tourism is the future of tourism.

It is interesting that despite increased security concerns, tourism continues to grow in some regions. What's more, there seems to be a boom in other regions. And as we all know, every boom is a two-sided coin which comes with its rewards but also challenges.


While a growing tourism industry is generally good news for the local economy, a sudden boom in tourist numbers means more stress on existing infrastructure, reducing both availability and quality of service for locals. There are also potentially unseen damaging effects on the environment and these destinations tend to experience an almost immediate inflation which could increase socio-economic disparities.

A boom in tourism does not always benefit everyone in society. The new income generated takes time to trickle down the society. To maintain the balance between the growth in tourism and the wellbeing of the local community, sustainable choices need to be made.

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What Are Most Millennials Looking For ?

As the largest living generation at the moment, they have gotten their fair share of focus from the tourism industry and any other that wants to buy into their attention.


Since the majority of Millennials are avid smartphone users, this means that you need to have a website that is both attractive and functional. Millennial customers should be able to learn about your offers and then purchase once they’ve come to the decision the easiest way possible.

Here are the things most millennials are looking for:

Services that are easy to find and book
Services that are well-represented on review sites such as TripAdvisor
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